In a dynamic world, security threats arrive in new and sometimes unexpected forms. TWM Associates, Inc (TWM) recognizes that a company’s information is one of its most important assets. TWM Associates Inc. is a security boutique that combines the knowledge and experience of a large firm with the agility and value that only a small business can provide. TWM blends science and creative ideas to apply innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our personnel seamlessly integrate into our customer’s teams to provide solutions relevant to the business practices of your organization. Our technical and financial successes bring our customers back time and time again.

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  • Security Engineering

    TWM’s approach is to provide secure system solutions that are integrated into the work-place as extensions of the user's work process.

  • IT Audit & Compliance

    TWM has been a contributor in the evolution of IA within the Federal Government.

  • IT Governance

    TWM has a strong implementation strategy for interweaving IT governance throughout the IT environment.