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Business Process Improvement

In today’s environment, organizations are striving to realize the largest return of the most efficient processes in a cost economic manner.

TWM Associates, Inc., (TWM) focuses on our customer’s business processes and any opportunities for improvement that can be meshed with information assurance from the beginning of the process to the business transaction at hand. 

Focusing on improvement in this manner gives rise to opportunities to increase efficiencies and optimize the use of resources while meeting the necessary security and regulatory requirements. 

TWM approaches business process improvement (BPI) from the perspective of ensuring that business processes properly align with the overall long-term goals of the organization.  TWM’s BPI implementation works from structured and defined timelines, identified and committed resources (both financial and human), and active management involvement in the BPI process. 

TWM believes that by ensuring these elements are included in the BPI initiative it helps the organization achieve its objectives and adds organizational value.