CMMC Support

TWM Associates, Inc., (TWM) has assisted many organizations in preparation for audit, accreditation, and assessments in our 30+ year history.

TWM has performed these activities in support of a variety of Government laws, rules, regulations, guidance, audit programs as well as Commercial rules, regulations, guidance, and audit frameworks and now ready to help organizations with their CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) preparation.

TWM’s approach for CMMC preparation is based on obtaining an understanding of the environment, identifying the the entity's personnel involved for interviews and providing supporting artifacts; using the CMMC model to determine gaps for the organization and the CMMC model, and providing the organization those results to formulate the recommendations for the organization. Results are formulated from the perspective of cost effectiveness, culture of the organization, and the minimum controls deemed necessary to meet the intent of the CMMC levels for the organization.

TWM is able to move from the people and process end of the CMMC preparation to the extremely technologically oriented end of the CMMC preparation. This provides the customer with a solidified effort to work through the varying organizations within an entity, providing a complete team for the CMMC efforts.