Security Controls

TWM Associates, Inc., (TWM) has been providing security controls assessments since 1995 with the award of our first Office of Inspector General (OIG) contract to provide audit support for an emerging technology being developed for a department within an agency.

Due to the strong security foundation of TWM’s engineers, IT auditors, and controls testers, TWM is able to quickly assess an understanding of our customer’s technology, define and detail  a work plan for the effort, and identify specific tests to be conducted specific to the technology, people, and processes surrounding the emerging technology.  TWM executes the work plan on time and on budget while at the same time providing strong recommendations on improving the technology, people, and processes to provide an overall improved security posture for that organization. 

TWM applies this same approach whether it is an emerging technology, a general controls review, application controls review, performance review, or other type of audit or review.  TWM has worked through a variety of technologies from mainframe to cloud environments; the same sound security foundation is utilized in looking at all the environments. 

TWM focuses on helping organizations protect sensitive data and ensure the integrity of that data when it is accessed, and while it traverses the enterprise’s network.