TWM Associates, Inc., (TWM) ingrains our role in security to become the forefront in an organization’s attempt to provide a secure computing environment.

TWM Associates, Inc., (TWM) works to provide a secure computing environment for our customers.  TWM sustains that effective security training raises the users’ awareness, reminds them of their role in security processes, and helps ensure that the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of organizational data is maintained at all times. 

TWM has developed in-house training programs for our employees that many of our customers have attended in order to gain the sound security foundation.  TWM has prepared a variety of training programs directly for our customers ranging from how to work with technologies to conducting penetration testing to week-long programs on individual’s role within a specific process. 

TWM has even developed role-based Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) training and Information Security System Manager (ISSM) training on their specific contributions to the overall organization’s security posture.   These role-based training programs have proven most successful in helping individuals and organization’s comprehend the security throughout their processes and programs.