IS Process Reengineering

TWM Associates, Inc. (TWM) helps reengineer Information System (IS) processes for efficiency, cost, and intended business needs.

TWM’s approach to IS process reengineering is to help the organization assess and identify areas of the IS processes that are not being optimized and make recommendations for streamlining processes for efficiency. TWM performs Process Improvement as part of a five step process:

1. Information Assessment - TWM analyzes economic and social trends, legislation, customer demand/expectation, changes and advancements in technology, emerging technology trends, and competitive conditions.

2. Strategic Positioning - The Customer’s Goals are placed in the context of the future, and where the Security Program is going.

3. Process Improvement - TWM develops technical white papers that ultimately influence Agency’s security policy.

4. Process Implementation - TWM helps to create the path by changing the Security Policy Framework artifacts, processes, tools and other artifacts that constitute the Security Program.

5. Performance Evaluation - TWM reviews to see how well the Security Policy Framework was changed.