IA Business Processes

TWM Associates, Inc. (TWM's) core business is providing Cybersecurity, IT Audit and Information Assurance (IA) services to our clients. TWM is always on the cutting-edge of developing and implementing IA processes and methodologies, and in sharing this information with both current and potential customers.

TWM’s business is providing IA services to our clients, and ensuring our clients have a comprehensive integration of those IA concepts within their business processes to provide for continuous improvement to their organization.

When designing the future for our customers, TWM works through the customer desired deliverables which could include technical white papers, policies, procedures, strategy presentations and representations as well as the identification of security specific processes, and business processes that require adjustment to encourage acceptance of the new concepts.

A gap analysis between where the security program is today and where the strategy identifies it for the future is conducted and captured to develop the requirements and implementation strategy.

TWM’s ability to provide quality, technologically advanced IA services to our clients allows the customer to leverage these services and improve the overall security posture of their organization. This is one of the many value-added benefits TWM provides that help us maintain and develop long-lasting relationships with our clients.