TWM Associates, Inc. (TWM) specializes in Information Assurance (IA) with over 30 years
experience in the Cybersecurity, IT Audit, FISMA
and IA field and in the commercial sector.

Our specialization has evolved from simple penetration tests to creating, defining, and implementing new IA strategies to
ensure IA is considered throughout a systems life cycle. TWM
has successfully blended Information Technology (IT) auditors
and security engineers to perform a variety of IA activities.

TWM has provided network vulnerability testing as part of our ‘White Hat’ penetration services using common tools, as well
as TWM developed tools when more sophisticated requests
are made.

TWM provides data analysis and information verification,
controls identification and testing, as well as risk management framework strategy design, training, and implementation for Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) support.

TWM performs security reviews of web based applications as
well as eCommerce applications.

TWM reviews data centers, which includes infrastructure and application level activities.

TWM’s commercial experience is enhanced by its focus on testing and recommendations based on the business at hand, not the technology, which ensures that technology remains the implementation of the business processes and not the driver of
the business.