Contingency Planning

TWM Associates, Inc. (TWM) has developed contingency plan strategies, documents, exercises and has executed those strategies and exercises.

TWM has reviewed, and evaluated contingency plans in compliance with Federal standards and best business practices. TWM has the expertise needed to identify key areas that must be included in a contingency plan program. These key areas have been further refined by TWM into guidance that creates a consistent and repeatable process. This approach ensures that each application within an organization is prepared to deal with contingency situations while minimizing impact to the business.

TWM works to ensure that key business processes, specific minimum service levels, and recovery thresholds have been defined and reflected within the contingency plan. We ensure that priorities are properly reflected in the contingency plan, and the resources required for each key business process. We help ensure that roles and responsibilities related to each business process during a contingency scenario have been identified and clearly established within the organization of the contingency teams.

TWM is committed to preparing a contingency plan that represents all stakeholders. Additionally, TWM provides a well-documented testing regimen for the individual process planning, as well as an overall testing mechanism to ensure proper coordination between the headquarters/main entity and multiple business resumption teams.